Uttar Pradesh Tourism : Allahabad A City Of Sangam

Allahabad is basically known as Prayag is situated on the convergence of river Ganga and Yamuna and invisible river Saraswati in the state of Uttar Pradesh. One of the most negotiated tourist spots in Uttar Pradesh Tourism, Allahabad is a holder of the prosperous legacy of ancient India. It is one of the main holy places of Hindus with two main rivers like Ganga and Yamuna flowing by it. Allahabad tourist places have numerous numbers of sightseeing opportunities to the tourists. A historian’s glory, the city of Allahabad has a number of surreptitious still lay concealed among the various attractions wrecks some of the parts of the city. The Triveni Sangam, situated at a distance of 7 Kilometers from social Lines, is the junction of three holy rivers-the Ganga, Yamuna, and the legendary Saraswati. It becomes the place of the Maha Kumbh Mela; this fest is held in every 12 years. The sacred city is more famous for its spiritual tourism. Allahabad tourist places is considered to be specific must have for tourists planning Uttar Pradesh Tourism.

Allahabad fort is located on the northern banks of the Yamuna, near to Triveni Sangam, the convergence. This fort was constructed by Mughal King Akbar in the year of 1583. This royal fort has three gateways flanked by high towers.
Presently the Indian military uses this castle and all the parts of the fort are not opened for tourists. Saraswati Koop, a well which is considered to be the origin of the legendary river Saraswati, is also inside the fort. This backyard is a walled significant garden generated by the Mughal king Jahangir, in memory of his beloved son Khusro. Khusro was killed by his brother Shah Jahan. The backyard has the crypt of the killed prince, a stonework tomb.

Patalpuri Temple is situated within the Allahabad fortress is the subversive shrine called Patalpuri. The shrine is popular for covering an everlasting banyan tree known as Akshaya Vat, which is much honored by the followers as it is considered to be visited by goddess  Rama himself. Hanuman Mandir is situated near Triveni Sangam is the convergence of three sacred rivers of India, Ganga, Yamuna, and Saraswati. This shrine abode one big statue of Lord Hanuman in a somewhat sprawled pose. When the water of Ganga spread out, the shrine gets immersed. Anand Bhawan is the house of Nehru family where many resolutions and occasions narrated to the liberty resist have been known to take place. Presently it is a museum which abodes the memorable unit of the Nehru family. Uttar Pradesh tourism bears many more tourist attractions.