Uttar Pradesh Tourism : Kanpur Expedition To The Historical Era

Kanpur resting on the banks of the perpetual river Ganga; it stands as one of North India’s major industrialized city with its own past, spiritual and profitable significance. This city has vast number of leather trade in the entire of Asia. Kanpur is more into export of leather and leather artifacts. It has a number of historical important tourist attractions which makes Uttar Pradesh Tourism become more wonderful as well. There are many historical stories about Kanpur is recorded in the history.  According to Mahabharata Duryodhana gifted this land to Karna for his power and courage to equal up to Arjuna. Originally it was called as Karnapur, later the city became Kanpur.

The Jain Glass temple is one of the eye-catching Kanpur tourist place. It is a shrine bestowed to Jainism. Built in the conventional old style of architecture, this shrine is entirely constructed in glass, delightfully decorated and embellished with obscure designs in enamel and glass. Tourists can enjoy the astonishing adorned mirror work in and around the temple. The blemished glass wall paintings portray the Jain scriptures. Kanpur tourist places offer many more attractive destinations. The Allen Forest zoo is located in Kanpur which is most thrilling place to adventure lovers. It is believed to be one of the finest refuges in the country. It became habitat for uncommon wild animals and avian species. Not only animals but the zoo is also known for flora and fauna.

The history of Valmiki Ashram is dates back in the era of Ramayana. To reveal the story behind the significance of this Valmiki Ashram, Sita approached to this place to live during her banish after being barred from the empire by Lord Rama. This is the place where Sita gave delivery to her clone sons Luv and Kush. From this ashram that Sita vanished into the lap of Mother Earth when demanded by Rama to arrive back to the kingdom. Ashram presents a wonderful scenic view of the city and the nearby places. For all scenery lovers and those who are eager to learn and research about Indian mythology. Valmiki Ashram is one of the tranquil places comes under Uttar Pradesh Tourism.